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Non-electric lawn mowers

There are many reasons to choose a pollution-free push lawn mower over a gasoline powered mower. Here are some of the best reasons to get a Push Lawn Mower:

• In one hour of operation, a conventional gas lawn mower (two-stroke) pollutes as much as 40 new cars¹. Just imagine how much pollution is being created in a typical suburb on a summer weekend!

• There is no gasoline spillage with a push mower because gas is not used! Lots of gas is spilled every day by those using gasoline mowers, which is dangerous, smelly and terrible for the environment.

• Push lawn mowers are quiet. No noisy motors!

• Push lawn mowers are easy & safe to use.

• Push lawn mowers are inexpensive and you never have to buy gas or pay for electricity. Once you buy your mower you’re done.



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