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Friday, May 06, 2005

What Is Carbon Neutral?

If a lot of smart people have their way, you’ll be hearing the phrase ”carbon neutral” more often.

“Going carbon neutral” means you’ve made up for the greenhouse gases you’ve produced by investing in climate-friendly projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions elsewhere.

There’s good reason for you to know about going carbon neutral. If you don’t think it concerns you, think again. Read the new David Suzuki Foundation report and find out how....

The Rolling Stones have gone carbon neutral; and if it’s good enough for Mick and Keith, it’s good enough for us too!

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  • A comment by odograph on triplepundit.com about this post raised some interesting points:

    "I think it might become an important phrase, but as is often the case, it skips some important math:

    (1) Different fuels burn with different ratios of energy production to carbon (co2) release

    (2) Cabonacious material can be easily sequestered.

    (3) The optimum plan would be to burn those fuels which produce high energy per ton of CO2 released, while sequestering those 'fuels' which would be less efficient."

    Thanks triplepundit, thanks odograph.

    By Nathan, at 2:50 PM, June 29, 2005  

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