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Those Danes: City Bikes

Those Danes! The Bycyklen København Foundation has offered free bicycles to local resident and tourists since 1996. You don’t get to keep the bike but you do get to ride it for free!

Next to walking that has to be the most environmental way to sightsee. What a cool program!

Pick up a bike at any of the 110 bike stations scattered in the City Bike Zone. It’s like picking up a shopping cart. Insert a 20 Kroner coin in the lock and get the coin back when you return the bike. Ride the bike anywhere within the City Bike Zone (the area is enormous) and return it before dark to any bike station. That’s right, you don’t have to travel all the way back to where you picked it up – the bike stations are everywhere, just drop it off and get back your 20 Kroner.

So, could we introduce a similar program in Toronto? We have a great city but let’s be honest it was not designed for bicycles. Riding a bike in Toronto is about as safe as playing street hockey on the 401. Copenhagen is probably the best city in the world for bicycling. Bike lanes are everywhere (more than 300 kilometers in Copenhagen alone) and cyclists even have their own traffic lights. Maybe worth talking to your city councilor about…!?

Visit the Bycyklen København Foundation today!



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