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Carnival of the Green #21

Carnival of the Green Greenthinkers is proud to be hosting the Carnival of the Green this week! Edition #21 if you’re counting. There is a lot to cover this week from coffee to bamboo to angry golfers with guns to eco-snobs on South Park, so let’s get to it.

Start your day off right. Fair trade coffee blogger extraordinaire Green LA Girl (aka Siel) has left Los Angeles for the moment and compiled a fine list of cafes for non-LA coffee lovers that serve fair trade coffee.

Frappuccino anyone? Rebecca at Greener Miami wants to know if Frappr be a good resource for for the green blogging community. Frappr shows where everyone is on map. Hey, why not!

Karen at the hip & zen pen writes about a project by NEC called Ecotohona, where people can come in and add a message as a leaf on a tree every day, and watch the tree grow. For every 100 messages, NEC will plant a tree on Kangaroo Island, Australia. Last year 84,000 messages were added, resulting in 845 Eucalyptus seedlings being planted. Nice to see a company doing good while doing business.

Would you like to supersize your organically grown fries? While Steven at Scatterbox complements McDonald’s for opening up a dialogue with their customers on their blog, he thinks that answering questions about the possibility of using organic food in their menu with a marketing brochure defeats the purpose. Selling salads does not constitute social responsibility!

Serious food issues here. Aaron at Powering Down asks what are we going to do when the chemicals we use to fertilize our soils become more scarce and more expensive, when the labor of plowing and planting and producing our food will no longer be accomplished by machines powered by petroleum and when transporting food from far flung corners of the globe will not be possible in an era of increased fuel prices. This is Agriculture Post Peak Petroleum. Coming soon to a planet near you.

Sticking to food, Cathleen of the Simply in Season blog and published cookbook (that promotes local, sustainably-grown foods) knows that getting kids to choose healthy foods is a big challenge for most parents. So what is she doing about it? She’s creating a childrens cookbook! But, she needs your help with stories and comments. She needs you to help get some feedback from kids ages 6 to 12 about their favourite fruits and veggies for possible inclusion in the book.

Liz over at GreatGreenGoods is featuring a week of bags made from recycled goods. Handbags, evening bags, messenger bags, computer bags made from recycled materials from the interesting to the bizarre. Materials include telephone wire, post consumer coffee filters, soda pop bottles, bicycle tubes, car tires, magazines, vinyl billboards and more!

City Hippy Al has Part 6 of his interview with Craig Sams. Craig is the producer of Green & Black’s organic chocolate and he created Whole Earth Foods, purveyors of a range of natural food products free from artificial preservatives and additives. In Part 5 Craig told us how transparency was the key and now we find out what stops us from getting there.

Say it ain’t so, Enrique. Say it ain’t so. Enrique at commonground. Lauded in environmental circles for its quick growth and the fact that it can be harvested without harming the plant, bamboo seems almost too good to be true. But, like any construction material, it too has its downsides. Bamboo-hoo.

Greener Magazine’s Harlon examines the old school business model of door to door sales, applied to sustainable economic growth in rural India and how it may save a generation from grinding poverty in the Birth of a Salesman.

More good in India as Sameer at Oorjaa posts about a company in India which is promoting decentralized power generation using biomass gasification in rural areas. It has adopted a strategy of partnering with local NGOs and organizations to promote rural industries which will use the power generated by the company. The model is a socially responsible sustainable one, where the company creates a market for it’s power while promoting rural development at the same time.

Are you looking for “Organic, cruelty-free, fair trade, green, CFC-free, low-fat, shade grown, free range, 100% post-consumer recycled Computing?” Kevin of Clay and Wattles can help you out with his thoughts on why environmentalists and social activists should consider software a sustainability issue.

Someone has had a few too many golf balls to the head. GrrlScientist at Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted) tells the unfortunate tale of a pair of nesting red-shouldered hawks in Florida that were shot and killed because they were disturbing patrons and employees at a golf course. OK, some people were hurt, but there were other feasible and humane solutions than shooting the hawks, such as relocating them.

Last, but not least let’s turn to a more cheery post. George at Dirty Greek has a message for any eco-snobs! He gives us a nice synopsis of South Park’s take on environmental smugness. The way Dirty Greek describes the episode really made me want to see it so I’ll let you read what he wrote:

[The episode] featured Kyle’s dad getting a hybrid car (called a “Pious”) and becoming smug about it. He acts really annoying and starts talking with his eyes closed, “the way smug people talk.” He starts to think he’s better than everyone because he drives a hybrid, and goes around giving fake tickets to SUV owners, which actually IS something real people do… unfortunately.

Hosting the Carnival has been a lot fun (with a little bit of work!). It didn’t help (time-wise) that I spent most of the last 72 hours at the Cottage Life Show talking about composting toilets, but I was able to get through all the wonderful submissions. Thanks to everyone who submitted a post this week.

In case you missed it, last week’s carnival was hosted by Greener Magazine. And, be sure to check out Carnival of the Green #22 at Exuberant Pantaphobia.

To learn more about the Carnival of the Green, please visit City Hippy or Triple Pundit.

Remember to always talk with your eyes open!



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