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David Suzuki On Bottom Trawling


We can’t get enough of David Suzuki over here at Greenthinkers. His latest release details how all is not well in the sea. Increased pressures from overfishing, habitat destruction, climate change and pollution have combined in recent decades to threaten the diversity of life in estuaries, coastal waters and oceans. Now a new threat, deep-sea bottom trawling, or dragging, is making itself felt and its impacts could be devastating for life in the sea. Fish Stocks have collapsed in many parts of the world and sensitive deep-water coral habitats are being destroyed by this practice.

Bottom trawling has been acknowledged as the most destructive form of fishing commercially practiced. There are less than 300 bottom trawling boats in deep-sea international waters. However, this small fleet is responsible for destroying large tracts of previously untouched seafloor habitats including coral and sponge reefs. Once damaged, these habitats are largely lost forever.

How can you help? Well, along with the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition you can ask your government to call on the United Nations General Assembly to adopt an immediate moratorium on deep-sea bottom trawl fishing on the high seas.



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