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OnStar Can Save Fuel

Greenthinkers Detroit 2007 While in Detroit, I had an opportunity to tour the OnStar Command Center hosted by Chet Huber, the President of OnStar.

It was actually quite interesting and the OnStar product can do a lot of good by helping people find directions but it can also be a life-saver in serious accident situations.

Where is the green element you ask? Well, OnStar subscribers can now have an email update sent to them with loads of info including odometer reading, oil level reading and 1600+ other vehicle diagnostic reports, including tire pressure. As we all know, properly filled tires can dramatically improve fuel efficiency and in turn save fuel. So there you go, OnStar can help you be more green by keeping your tires inflated properly.

Another interesting tidbit is that, according to Hank Green (EcoGeek), there is apparently some talk of OnStar or other services being able to help with more green driving routes from A to B. The green route won’t be as simple as the shortest route, but will consider other factors as well such as incline level of the route, road conditions, traffic conditions and more thus making for a faster, more efficient drive.



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