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Zenex Gas Saver

Via an article in today’s Independent

I was able to track down (yes, Google searches are exhausting) a company called Zenex, whose “Gas Saver” units are beginning to be employed in new British construction. This unit sits on top of your traditional boiler, and helps capture heat that would be typically lost as it travels up the flue. This heat energy is used to pre-heat cold water, and helps you save on hot water heater expenses.


As you can see this model incorporates a solar hot water panel to provide additional preheating.

From the Zenex website:

The Gas saver works in conjunction with your standard heating and hot water boiler and extracts additional heat energy from the boiler flue gases that would otherwise be expelled to the atmosphere.

Zenex Gas SaverThe gas saver unit contains an internal box that acts as a flue way, this box contains 3 heat exchangers and holds a thermal store of approximately 5.5 litres of condensation.

The flue gases enter the box through a spigot mounting in the bottom and heat from these gases is exchanged such that much of the condensation is returned through the gas saver.

Zenex Gas SaverThe unit itself consists of an external enclosure and an internal box that contains the heat exchangers and thermal store.

Click here for more info on the product and the technology behind it.

Even going back to my teenage years working in a burger joint, I could tell that there was a tremendous amount of energy waste given off through flues and chimneys. I always thought that it was crazy to take a tremendous broiler and vent all of the smoke and heat out, while paying to use a furnace at the same time to heat the restaurant. The Zenex product seems to take that same idea and transfer it to your home. This seems like a great (and frankly long overdue) product. Can’t wait to see it come state-side.



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