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Tokyo Auto Show: Nissan Goes Electric

As the Tokyo Auto Show starts to wrap up its final days, we’re going to go all out in bringing you all the big news we have yet to post.

First off on this Monday morning is Nissan’s claim that we can expect more hybrid cars and completely electric vehicles from them in a few years. Minoru Shinohara, senior vice president and general manager of the Technology Development Division at Nissan said the following:

Electric cars probably won’t be replacements for current petroleum cars. Batteries can’t provide a range that gas-powered cars can. Instead, manufacturers will tout them as second cars or town cars designed for ordinary, short commutes. Getting consumers to understand, and act on, the town car concept is going to take a lot of marketing and work, Shinohara said. “They (electric cars) are not a replacement for traditional vehicles,” he said.


And their first stab is a beauty - the Nissan Mixim. With lithium-ion batteries and two “Super Motor” electric motors (one for the front wheels, the other for the rear wheels), the Nissan Mixim is a zero emissions vehicle.



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