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Good Earth Coffee


According to Good Earth Coffee, coffee drinkers in the U.S. toss away 28 billion disposable coffee cups each year, cramming landfills with about 100 million pounds of largely uncompostable trash. And that’s where Good Earth comes in.

They are calling on coffee drinkers nationwide to take the Good Earth Coffee “Brew at Home” Pledge - a simple commitment to brew more and toss less. And if you sign today, there’s an extra “perk”: For each pledge they receive, Good Earth Coffee will donate $1.00 to The Trust for Public Land until they reach their $20,000 donation goal.

What is Good Earth Coffee? It’s a brand of coffee made from 100% specialty grade Arabica coffee beans where even the packaging is earth-friendly. For starters, part of the bag lining is derived from plants rather than petro-chemicals, and nearly 20% of the packaging comes from a renewable source. Nice!



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