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BPA-Free: Aladdin's Recycled & Recyclable Tumbler


BPA Free is a new running Greenthinkers feature where we discuss BPA, link to BPA-related pieces in the news, and also discuss and review all the BPA-free products you can handle. Enjoy your new BPA-free life.

We have slowed a bit on our BPA-free product reviews of late for one reason only - we are smitten with Aladdin and haven’t been using anything else. So with that admission out of the way, let’s start with the reviews of their stylish, functional and fantastic line.

To start, who is Aladdin? Well, the name might be familiar because they have been creating cool products like this since 1908. The thing we remember them most for is the awesome collection of character lunch boxes they made when we were kids. Now, they bring us the sleek mugs we use to carry our morning coffee in a sustainable, stylish, and functional way.

For example, this morning we used one of their Recycled & Recyclable Tumblers. This one’s made with eCycle, a 100% recycled polypropylene containing 25% post-consumer content. It’s also recyclable wherever (5) plastic is collected. It also features a very workable splash-proof lid for easy drinking.

Some comments from testers after the jump.

The Aladdin Recycled & Recyclable Tumblers are big hits at Greenthinkers HQ. When the box arrived and was opened, they were gone within seconds. And for good reason.

• BPA-free!

• Recycled and recyclable.

• Car cup friendly.

• Dishwasher safe.

• Microwavable.

• Looks good. Not just your ordinary stainless mug.

• Lid does not seal, some seepage can occur. But if you know that going in, don;t hold it upside down and it won’t be an issue.

• Keeps coffee hot!

• Looks good. Will attract admirers in an elevator or on a subway.

• Easy to grip. No slippery.

• Did we mention is recycled, and recyclable?

More Aladdin product reviews to come!



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