About Greenthinkers

An informal forum for ideas and thoughts on how to live a more green life.

Greenthinkers is a web site that was created as a place to discuss and present ideas on how to live a more green life. The Greenthinkers team of writers are usually pretty informal yet skillful in their attempts to get you to go green.

All we want to do is throw some green ideas out there in hopes of getting ourselves and others to make lifestyle changes that benefit the environment, or at least don't harm it as much.

Greenthinkers was created by Scott Smith of Sancor Industries Ltd. in Canada as one of its "green projects."

Sancor is interested in working on interesting projects for itself or others and loves to collaborate with others as much as possible on projects. For Greenthinkers, the skills of Luke Andrews at the Nottingham, UK-based design company Attaboy Media were brought in for help with the latest re-design.

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