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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Greenthinkers Health: French Parad'ox

As we have all heard, studies suggest a close relationship between the moderate consumption of red wine and a healthy heart. This phenomenon has been named the "French Paradox," because although the French eat as much saturated fat as Amercians and Canadians, they enjoy better overall cardiovascular health.

And with that in mind, Health From The Sun has introduced French Parad'ox which supplies polyphenols and anthocyanosides, potent antioxidant nutrients believed to be responsible for the many benefits of red grapes and red wine. These benefits are said to extend beyond a healthy heart and include keeping the skin healthy and youthful in appearance by protecting the collagen and elastin in your skin - quite a nice product for those who want the benefit of red wine but don't want to imbibe. Each marc extract capsule is said to contain an amount of antioxidant polyphenols equivalent to the amount in two glasses of red wine, minus the alcohol of course.

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